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Africa Reit Limited (ARL) specializes in developing high end quality properties in both the commercial and residential sectors. The residential properties include furnished apartments and fully furnished and serviced apartments. Most of these developments have been retained in preparation for listing at the securities exchange.

ARL targets the middle-upper class, Kenyans working in the Diaspora and expatriates. In ARL’s 10 years strategy, we plan to and are currently developing property in the various identified countries in Africa. Within this period we are working towards expanding into East Africa in the first 5 years of our strategy and Africa at large in the last 5 years.

Kenya’s real estate sector is very competitive. There is need therefore of mass knowledge and networking. To manage this, we ensure to always deliver the best quality of properties, maintain long term relationships with our various well experienced partners, and acquire the necessary skills where need be.


To be an engine of economic growth in the African continent through real-estate development.


  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Creativity


Consistently provide quality commercial and residential property to our customers, delivered by a team of professionals, while creating investment value to our shareholders.


Our partnerships enable us to leverage an extensive network of skills, resources and experience. Some of our leading partnerships include: Phatisa

A private equity fund manager with investments throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Phatisa is our joint venture partner in the construction of Westpoint apartment in Kikuyu. This is a development of 66 apartments targeting the middle income population. This is PHATISAs’ first venture in Kenya.

Phatisa presents Pan African Housing focused on affordable housing in Eastern and Southern Africa. The Pan African Housing Fund was developed to address the need for the housing stage, investing primarily in affordable and middle income residential developments and mixed use development.

The key obstacle in several African Real Estate markets, Kenya included, is the lack of an established developer and an investor who would risk financial and successively in the real estate sector. PAHF will actively seek to provide risk capital and other resources not only to ARL but to other developers who offer scalable investment opportunities in the identified geographies.

The fund provides risk capital to projects on a joint venture basis to selected developers who have demonstrated the ability to successfully execute projects in the designated real estate.